Ecobank Nigeria Plc

Ecobank Nigeria Plc

Ecobank Nigeria Plc
2 Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island, Lagos-Nigeria

From the desk of:
Mr.Patrick Akins
International Settlement Dept.
EcoBank Nigeria

        Immediate ATM DEBIT Cash Card Payment Notification


This is to officially inform you that we have verified your payment file
and found out that why you have not received your fund is because you
have not fulfilled the obligations given to you in respect of your
contract/inheritance payment.

Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with the none
officials in the bank all your attempt to secure the release of the fund
to you. We wish to advise you that such an illegal act like this have to
stop if you wishes to receive your payment since we have decided to
bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your
payment through our swift card payment center Asia pacific, that is the
latest instruction from Economic community of west African States
(ECOWAS) and Nigerian Government.

This card center will send you an ATM DEBIT card which you will use to
withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, so if
you like to receive your fund in this way, please let us know by
contacting us back and also send the following information as listed

1. Full name

2. Phone and fax number
3. Address were you want them to send the ATM card to (p.o box not
acceptable) 4. Your age and current occupation 5. Attach copy of your

We have been Mandated by the ECOWAS Parliament to issue out $2.6 million
as part payment for this fiscal year 2007. Also for your information,
you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or
office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment.

Note that because of impostors, we hereby issued you our code of
conduct, which is (ATM-811) so you have to indicate this code when
contacting the card center by using it as your subject.

Wait for your expedite response.

Yours in service,

Mr.Patrick Akins

International Settlement Dept.
EcoBank Nigeria

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3 Comments on “Ecobank Nigeria Plc”

  1. zimbaline Says:

    Take care. I have been received some similar mails form Lagos, Nigeria.
    Below the details of the mail received

    Microsoft Award Team
    Dated: 23/11/2007

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The prestigious Micrsoft and Aol and yahoo has set out and sucessfully organised a Sweepstakes marking the end of year anniversary.The selection was made through a computer draw system attaching personalised email addresses to ticket numbers

    Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to ticket number 008795727498 with serial numbers BTD/9080648302/06 and drew the lucky numbers 14-21-25-39-40-47(20).

    Which subsequently won you $1,000,000.00 already issued in a cheque as one of the 10 jackpot winners in this draw.Note that your winning ticket fell on our AFRICAN BOOKLET.your $1,000,000.00 cheque would be released to you by our fiduciary agent.

    See contact below:

    Fiduciary Agent
    Mr Garry Wool

    Dominic Gerard
    Microsoft Promotion Team

  2. zimbaline Says:

    Obviously, after I received an email of a Nigerian Bank asking a deposit o 1.630 dollars. and I have not doubts soon they will find x reasons for not sending the prize and to keep my money.

  3. zimbaline Says:

    So, the fiduciary agent is not more than a sales man who open accounts for a bank and receive his commissions.
    Then, if you receive some mail as the mine please do not lose your time and money.

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