Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
735, Changjiang Road
Shanghai China China .

I  am managing director Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
We  specializes in producing high-tech and high-value-added
steel products. Meanwhile it has become the main steel
supplier to industries of automobile, household appliances,
container, oil and natural gas exploration and pressure vessel,
Baosteel exports its products to over forty countries and regions
including Japan, South Korea and countries in Europe and

Due to the Increasing number of clients that we have we are
having difficulty in reaching all of them, therefore we decided
to employ a representative to help us get to our clients. As
our representative, you shall serve as a link between  us and
our clients and you will also be responsible for the collection
of payments on our behalf.

Note:Details of your account is not needed in this transaction.
Also note, that your areas of specialization or occupation is
of no relevant to resolve in assisting us and there is also no
financial obligation at your end.

All we need from you is total reliability and your committiment
to work with us.There are no hassles as this is a work at home
opportunity.Should you have a present job,you can still be part
of our business as your service to us would not interfer with your
working hours at all.

Your reward is 10% of every payment you receive from our
customer  at any time on our behalf.When you receive payment
from my customers you will deduct your 10% and transfer the
balance 90% to us through wire transfer.

NOTE: All charges(Tax and transfer charges )will be deducted
from the balance after deducting your 10% so you are rest
assured that you wouldn’t send a dime out of your personal

If you are interested in this transaction forward the following
information to me us.

1) Your Full names:
2)Your address where my customers will be sending payment to.
3)Postal code:
6) Home/office phone number:
7)cell number
8) Occupation

Note:You are to forward the information to my private email
address for SECURITY REASON.

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Xu Lejiang

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