Good Will Message …

Dear Sir,

I know you may be wondering how i got your contact email address,
Actually when i heard from the doctor that my condition has  become so bad,
I have to reach out for my nurse which is my bed manager, it was
through this sister that i ask to make a  discrete search from the internet
for a honest individual that will utilize this fund the way I am going
to instruct here in,  and even the sister that help me in this regard
doesn’t know the purpose for which i intend to use it ,the fact that you
are  God fearing person ready and be willing to do this, then it’s easy
to finish.

My husbands and I earn this fund ($11,000,000.00) but he died few years
later. I want you to claim this fund from the bank  were i deposited
it, my lawyer will prepare the paperwork in your name as the
beneficiary/next Of kin and send it to you, then  you will use it to bless other
less fortunate ones, assist the less privileged children and widows
around. So due to infertility resulting from medical problems i could not
have a child of my own.

Do not jeopardize my last Deeds/Wishes and please use the funds well.
Always extend the Good work to others and do contact my lawyer with your
personal information (Name, Address, Tel, Fax, Occupation and Age).
Tell him I contact you for the fund Will as my Next Of Kin for a specific
work, my lawyer will apply for all the necessary documents you need to
make claim of the funds from the releasing bank were is currently
deposited. Alternate email id:

My Lawyer Contact Information:

Name: Barrister Edward Bruce.
Tel: +44-7045-701-188.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. Hanadi B.K. Linda.

NB: Do not write back to me for there is no way i can attend to your
mail, kindly contact my lawyer for more information on how you will go
about making claim of this funds, if you know fully well that you cannot
carry out this task for me do not contact my lawyer or me.

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